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2020 Board of Directors

January 17, 2020

During the January 16, 2020 OIRCA Annual General Meeting, the following individuals from OIRCA member companies were announced as the 2020 OIRCA Board of Directors:

Tony Pocobene, Atlantic Roofers Ontario Ltd., Hamilton (President)

Doug Maikawa, Trio Roofing Systems Inc., Brampton (1st Vice President)

Peter Serino, Soprema Inc., Woodbridge (Treasurer)

Mark Mollison, Conestoga Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., Cambridge (Past President)

John Petrachek, Atlas-Apex Roofing, Toronto

Ian Moriarty, Carlisle SynTec, Oakville

Joel Dandele, Dantech Building Technologies Inc., Markham

Darcy Beites, Douro Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Ltd., Val Caron

Mark Agius, Flynn Canada Ltd., Mississauga

Stephen Patti, Flynn Canada Ltd., London

Ron Foran, Foran's Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., Whitby

Jeff Roy, French Brothers Roofing (Belleville) Inc., Belleville

Mike Godfrey, Godfrey Roofing Inc., Ottawa







Left to Right: Dan Boyce (Superintendent, Semple-Gooder Roofing), Doug Brown (Convoy Supply) and Mark Baxter (Semple Gooder Roofing)

From left to right: Dave Walden (Rooftop Rescue Foundation), Derek Kelly (Grand Valley Roofing), Jeff Covey (Grand Valley Roofing), Zak Wall (Nith Valley            Construction), Jeff Tessaro (IKO Industries), Colin MacIntosh (House of   Friendship), Richard Shanks (OIRCA), John Neufeld (House of Friendship).

Just imagine a charitable foundation that acquires a new facility in Cambridge Ontario to help those in the community with addiction problems. They plan a major renovation which includes adding a second floor to their new building. Of course, they are going to need a new roof, but their budget is tight, and they are looking for support.  Sounds like a perfect candidate for Rooftop Rescue.

And so, the OIRCA Foundation leaps into action.  We find a local member willing to donate the labour and a member who is prepared to contribute the materials. The roof is a steep sloped shingle roof, but it is December, so winter is fast approaching. We decide to close the building in with an ice and watershield membrane with the intent of installing the shingles the following spring. Phase one of the roof gets completed meaning the inside trades can move into the building.

Spring 2019 arrives and OIRCA Active Member Grand Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc. of Cambridge is getting ready to start the application of the shingles on the House of Friendship’s new facility. It’s May 1, 2019 and word spreads quickly. At approximately 3:30 a.m. that morning there is a fire at the construction site. It is serious.

“This is difficult news to wake up to, particularly during a time when addiction treatment is desperately needed for so many individuals and families in the Waterloo region” said House of Friendship Executive Director John Neufeld in a statement”.

The damage is estimated at over $500,000.00.  The project is stalled then word surfaces that a criminal investigation is underway.  Ultimately it is determined that the fire was deliberately set.  The planned July opening is now not possible.

“We are already hearing from community partners, individuals and businesses who want to make contributions to the project in the aftermath of this fire, and we are eternally grateful for that barn-raising attitude that the Waterloo region is known for,” says Neufeld the day after the fire. “It’s what sets us apart from other communities. We are determined to get this done as soon as possible.”

Fast forward to October and Grand Valley Roofing is back on site and the shingling is expected to be complete by the end of the month.  OIRCA Associate Member IKO Industries Ltd. of Brampton Ontario graciously agreed to provide the underlayment membrane and the shingles.  Rooftop Rescue provided the roofing accessories to complete the installation.

The House of Friendship has been providing Addiction Treatment in the Waterloo Region since 1975.  They have served community members from the Region and across Ontario with a range of services by helping more than 42,000 individuals each year who need food, housing, community resources or addiction treatment. Their new facility in Cambridge will provide residential addiction and day treatment services.

Don Marks, Executive Director of Rooftop Rescue remarked, “It is particularly rewarding to support an organization such as the House of Friendship. They have been servicing their community for 80 years, 44 years of that focusing on addiction treatment for adults.”

“At the OIRCA our vision and mission isn’t so altruistic; we just build quality roofs.  Through Rooftop Rescue though we can use those talents to protect those in need by putting a roof over their head. Which when you think about it is rather primary to the health of any community.”

“And how fortunate that Grand Valley Roofing, a Cambridge based company, stepped up to support this important project in their own community.  Also, IKO Industries a philanthropic company in their own right, supporting the industry they benefit from is a testament to their core values”, commented Marks.

While little news about the arson has been reported, the project is expected to be completed by the spring or early summer of 2020. The House of Friendship is looking forward to the day when they will be able to offer addiction treatment services for men and women throughout Waterloo Region at their new location.



Camper Cabins Need Roofs Too

December 11, 2019


Left to Right: Dan Boyce (Superintendent, Semple-Gooder Roofing), Doug Brown (Convoy Supply) and Mark Baxter (Semple Gooder Roofing)

From left to right: Darrell Arenburg (L&B Building Supply), Richard Shanks (OIRCA), John Walden (D.J. Peat Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.), Ray Kipfer (Camp McGovern)

Rooftop Rescue, OIRCA’s Foundation, was contacted by Associate Member Canadian General Tower Ltd.’s Mike Thrasher to let us know that a charity they support and strongly believe in were in need of some roofing work.

The charity, Camp McGovern, provides a residential summer experience for “little brothers”, “little sisters” and “foster children” from Family & Children Services and Children Aid Societies.  The camp’s location is quite remote located in the Municipality of West Grey, on the Saugeen River, between Durham and Hanover, south of Owen Sound.

Twenty years ago Camp McGovern built 6 camper cabins and their shingle roofs had reached the end of their service life.  Camper fees paid by sponsoring agencies account for less than half of their operating budget. The balance of funds come from donors and fund raising events.  They quite simply didn’t have the budget to re-roof the cabins.

“When children are involved, we take a very close look at the charity”, explains Rooftop Rescue’s Executive Director Don Marks. “Helping children overcome challenges by providing them with activities that encourage teamwork and building confidence all under the backdrop of an out-of-the-way natural environment such as Camp McGovern is indeed a worthy cause.”

OIRCA’s nearest Active Member to the camp is D.J. Peat Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., based out of Owen Sound.  When we contacted them their General Manager John Walden immediately said, “We are on board.  Just let us know when you need the work done and we will be there”.  No hesitation.

No hesitation was also the result when OIRCA’s Associate Member L&B Building Supply who are located in Brampton were contacted for support.  Darrell Arenburg, L&B’s Acc-ount Manager, when approached responded, “I spoke to our owner Marc-Andre Lefebvre and he wants to get involved’.  Darrell who visited the site after the work was completed commented, “When I visited Camp McGovern, Ray Kipfer one of the camp’s Board members, told me of the many volunteer hours he and other members put in to make this an enjoyable place for children. We were able to make a small contribution and were happy to be a part of it”. L&B Building Supply provided all the shingles and roofing accessories.

Ray, who was the primary contact for this project, spoke on behalf of his Board of Directors when he stated, “The donated time and materials from the OIRCA members will result in significant savings from our budget, allowing us to instead provide a partial camper subsidy for up to 100 campers who would not likely get to summer camp otherwise. On behalf of those children and everyone at Camp McGovern, our most sincere thanks to all!”




October 29, 2019

Mark your calendars!

The OIRCA Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, January 16, 2020 at The Old Mill in Toronto.

2020 Annual General Meeting

December 10, 2019

The 2020 OIRCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for Thursday, January 16, 2020.  The venue will once again be the Old Mill in Toronto. The 2020 AGM will be structured same as last year with Active Member only sessions in the morning..  This meeting will be addressing the Active Member Performance Audit and Subcontracting.

Following the morning meeting is the Awards Luncheon with the AGM in the afternoon.  All members are welcome to attend both.

Active Members are encouraged to make every effort to attend the Special General Meeting with the representative in attendance having the authority to vote on behalf of the company.

For the AGM Notice click here

For the AGM Registration click here

For the AGM Proxy Form click here

2019 Golf Tournament

August 15, 2019

144 golfers enjoyed a beautiful day of golf at Markland Woods Golf Club on Monday, August 12, 2019. Thank you to all who attended and a special thank you to our generous sponsors for helping to make the day a success:

The event also raised $2,330.00 for the OIRCA RoofTop Rescue Foundation.

2019 OIRCA Annual Golf Tournament - SOLD OUT

March 13, 2019


We are now accepting names for our waiting list for golf. Sponsorship for Golf Holes are still available.

Markland Wood will once again be the location for the 2019 OIRCA Annual Golf tournament. The tournament sells out quickly, so get your registration in early. Each registration will receive confirmation from our office acknowledging your registration (if you do not receive an acknowledgement, please contact the office).

For registration click here

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2019 OIRCA Membership Directory Now Available

March 6, 2019

The 2019 OIRCA Membership Directory is now available.  To download a copy  follow this link: https://www.mediaedgemagazines.com/the-ontario-industrial-roofing-contractors-association-oirca/on9d/

or contact the Association office to order hard copies.


IHSA 2018 Gil Simpson Award

October 30, 2018

From left to right:

Peter Vi – IHSA, Enzo Garritano – President IHSA, Don Marks – OIRCA, Peter McGoey – Semple Gooder Roofing, Barry Warner – Covertite Roofing and Joe Manso – Local 30 Roofers.

The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association has presented their 2018 Gil Sampson Award to the Roofers’ Trade Labour-Management Health and Safety Committee. The Gil Samson Award honours a Labour-Management Committee that has contributed to the advancement of occupational health and safety by virtue of a program, publication, or other accomplishment.

IHSA applauds the Roofer’s LMHSC for their contribution to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) changes as they relate to requirements for cables and raceways installed in metal corrugated roof decking, and for their development of a new Safe Practices for the Working On or Around Photovoltaic Systems Manual that provides guidance for workers, supervisors, employers, and designers who install, maintain, or work near rooftop solar panels.

OIRCA rescues another Roof; this time in Toronto!

October 30, 2018

In 2017 the OIRCA launched the OIRCA Rooftop Rescue Foundation (RR).  The Foundation’s mission to provide roofing services to individuals and organizations that are deemed worthy and unable to fund roofing construction on their own.

The first project completed by Rooftop Rescue was for the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Learning Centre for Hamilton. Their mission to assist children with learning disabilities.

When RR received a submission from Covenant House Toronto the notion of helping youth again in 2018 was a good fit. As Canada’s largest agency serving at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth, the opportunity to help with a newly acquired property in Toronto was an easy decision for the RR Foundation Board of Directors. 

Covenant House Toronto’s new facility is a residential property with a combination of steep-sloped shingle roofs and low-slope flat roofs.  OIRCA Active Member Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. of Toronto generously volunteered to provide the labour, design services, miscellaneous roofing materials required and the expertise to tackle a tight downtown residential job site. The complexity relating to the site set-up necessitated a scaffolding solution which was graciously donated by Northstar Scaffolding.   Beacon Roofing Supply Canada Company of Concord, an OIRCA Associate Member stepped forward and supplied all roofing materials including shingles, underlayment, insulation, low-slope modified bitumen roofing membranes and other roofing accessory materials. Nusens Niche Contracting, an OIRCA Affiliated Contractor Member, was a late addition to the party when at the last minute it was discovered that the masonry parapet walls required rebuilding, they dropped everything and were on site almost immediately.

IHSA Releases Photovoltaic Safety Manual

August 31, 2018

The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA) has released a manual titled Safe Work Practices for Working On or Around Photovoltaic Systems: A Health and Safety Guideline for Workers, Supervisors, Employers and Designers.

The manual was developed, reviewed, and endorsed by the Photovoltaic Subcommittee of the Roofers Trade Labour-Management Health and Safety Committee in association with the IHSA. The Photovoltaic Subcommittee was established to address health and safety concerns for workers who are working on and in proximity to photovoltaic generation systems. The committee identified a need to educate workers and employers about workplace hazards associated with photovoltaic installations.

To obtain a copy or download the manual visit the IHSA website at http://www.ihsa.ca/Products/M072.aspx

2018 Award of Merit

January 23, 2018

The OIRCA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the 2018 OIRCA Award of Merit has been posthumously awarded to Mr. Frank Baxter the former owner of Semple Gooder Roofing Corporation.

The Association introduced this Membership Award a few years ago to recognize an individual from a member company who has made a significant contribution to the OIRCA or the greater roofing industry in this province.

Frank’s service to the Association and our industry spanned a period of just over 10 years. He served on the Membership Committee from 1997 to 2005 and the Board of Directors from 2001 to 2007.  Frank also played an important role on the Labour Relations Committee from 2001 to 2007 where he participated in three rounds of negotiations with the union (as a part of the OIRCA Negotiations Committee).  Finally he served on a number of ad-hoc committees including the Insurance Committee that successfully developed a liability insurance program for the membership.

Frank Baxter was a leader in all aspects of his participation with the OIRCA.  His strong voice and passion for our industry helped shape the roofing business we enjoy today.  His presence is sadly missed.

The award was presented at the Association’s Annual General Meeting Awards Luncheonn Thursday, January 18, 2018 at the Old Mill in Toronto.

Mark Baxter (centre), Frank’s son, accepted the award on his behalf.  Also with Mark, Semple Gooder Vice Presidents Peter McGoey (left) and Bill Gray.



Fenn & Fenn Insurance Team Donates to Rooftop Rescue Foundation

August 30, 2017


Left to Right: Simon Fenn (CEO), Danielle Fenn (President) and Tara Klein (Business Development Specialist).

Industry Member Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc. who administers the OIRCA Liability Insurance Program recently dropped by the Association office with a cheque for Rooftop Rescue in the amount of $2,428.00.

Fenn & Fenn had collected donations from their OIRCA Program team including themselves, MS Amlin (Mitsui Sumitumo Insurance; Lloyds Syndicate) and CJ Coleman (Fenn’s London Broker).  Their fund-raising included the donation of the Grand Prize of a 65-inch television for our recent annual golf tournament. 

OIRCA and Rooftop Rescue appreciate the Fenn’s support of our programs, activities and initiatives.



ROOFTech 2017 Demonstration Videos

June 12, 2017

A big part of every ROOFTech Trade Show, and what makes it a truly unique exposition, are the demonstrations that take place on the show floor.  Full scale roofing systems are actually built right in front of visitors to the show. The 2017 demos were filmed and may be viewed at the following links:

Thermo- Plastic Roofing Systems: http://www.buildingscanada.com/video/thermo-plastic-roofing-systems/

Steep Slope Roofing Systems: http://www.buildingscanada.com/video/steep-slope-roofing-systems/

EPDM Roofing Systems: http://www.buildingscanada.com/video/epdm-roofing-systems/

Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems: http://www.buildingscanada.com/video/modified-bitumen-roofing-systems/

Green Roofing: http://www.buildingscanada.com/video/green-roofing/

Built-Up Roofing Systems: http://www.buildingscanada.com/video/built-up-roofing-systems/

OIRCA Rescues Roof in Hamilton

August 10, 2017


Left to Right: Dan Boyce (Superintendent, Semple-Gooder Roofing), Doug Brown (Convoy Supply) and Mark Baxter (Semple Gooder Roofing)

Left to Right: Dan Boyce (Superintendent, Semple-Gooder Roofing), Doug Brown (Convoy Supply) and Mark Baxter (Semple Gooder Roofing)

While making his final speech to the membership at the January 2017 Annual General Meeting, John Petrachek of Atlas-Apex Roofing… now Past President announced that his goal to establish a charitable foundation for the Association will become a reality in 2017.

The foundation, ultimately named the OIRCA Rooftop Rescue Foundation, was formed earlier this year with the establishment of a Board of Directors, creation of a logo and launching of a website.  While still early days for the charity and with a few details still to be worked out we are pleased to announce to the membership that the first roofing project for the Foundation was substantially completed last month in Hamilton. We received a letter of inquiry from the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Learning Centre for Hamilton.  The establishment of their learning centre will provide free remedial tutoring for children with dyslexia in the Hamilton area.  The Foundation Board reviewed their submission and decided their need would be a good opportunity for us to get our feet wet with our first roofing project.

Their facility is a residential property with a steep-sloped shingle roof and a small flat roof.  Semple Gooder Roofing Corporation of Toronto graciously volunteered to provide the labour, design services and miscellaneous roofing materials required.  Convoy Supply stepped up and supplied shingles, modified bitumen membrane and other roofing accessory materials.

Dave Walden former owner of OIRCA Member Company Conestoga Roofing served as our Project Manager for the work.

The fall issue of Ontario Roofing News will include a cover story providing the full story about this worthwhile Foundation project.  We just wanted to let the membership know that we have moved forward with this initiative and hope that this is just the first of many more meaningful projects that the Association and its Membership will support.




OIRCA Launches Charitable Foundation

May 15, 2017
The Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association (OIRCA) has launched a charitable foundation aptly named Rooftop Rescue.  The Foundation's mission is to provide roofing services to individuals and organizations that are deemed worthy and unable to fund roofing construction on their own.  For more information visit the Rooftop Rescue website at www.rooftoprescue.com.


Why I Specify the OIRCA

August 25, 2016
Mark Clemmensen, RSW, B. Arch Sc., LEED AP and Specification Writer for AECOM Canada Ltd. tells why he specifies OIRCA.  Click here to find out why. 


Architectural On-Site Roofing Tour

August 11, 2016


OIRCA’s first ever Architectural on-site Roofing Tour was held on July 26th with great success. Feedback from attendees was extremely positive with interest in attending future tours.

The purpose of this endeavor was to bridge the gap between the design community and our Roofing Contractors; allowing Designers to gain firsthand experience on how roofing is actually installed on site.

The attendees learned about different roofing systems while talking to the roofing professionals who make it all happen. Some attendees even had the opportunity to try heat welding a single ply membrane for the first time.

A big thank you to Flynn Canada for demonstrating a single-ply TPO installation while being extremely courteous to our group, Dufferin Roofing for demonstrating a BUR installation and Semple Gooder Roofing for providing a detailed walk through of their picture perfect Modified Bitumen/Green Roof work done on the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.  Also to Peel District School Board who arranged to have our group visit the re-roofing of one of their schools.

Given the success of this venture we will be looking to hold similar on-site tours in the near future. Stay Tuned!



OIRCA Launches Q&A Forum on Website

January 28, 2016

The OIRCA has introduced a Q & A Forum on their Achitectural Documents wepage. The Design forum’s purpose is meant to be used as an ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional) Roofing source of information. We encourage people from the design community as well as procurers of ICI roofing in Ontario to use this Q & A Forum as your go to resource for roofing related questions. As we cannot comment on product specific questions due to warranty requirements, we ask that you keep your questions generic.  The Architectural Documents page may be accessed on the silver menu bar.            

New Roofing Safety Manual Released

December 10, 2019


The OIRCA in conjunction with the Roofers Labour-Management Health & Safety Committee of the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association has released a new 2019 roofing safety manual titled, Low-Slope Roofing, Health & Safety Manual.  This manual replaces the previous version, Health & Safety Guidelines for Low-Slope Roofing.

To download a free copy, click the Safety tab at the top of this webpage.


OIRCA Hosts Risk Management Symposium/Workshop

April 6, 2015

On March 26, 2015 the OIRCA hosted their first Risk Mangement Symposium/Workshop at the Toronto Congress Centre.  Sponsored by OIRCA's insurance partners Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group and Cooper Gay & Co. Ltd. both of London England, the event was a major success with 40 members in attendance.

The morning included presentations by Mr. David Dexter of Mitsui and Mr. Tom Shanahan from the US's National Roofing Contractors Association.  The afternoon workshop was hands-on, interactive and professionally facilitated by Mr. Warren Wilson of the Intersol Group. 


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